Must We Believe Whatever “They” Say?

I have recently had my go-around with being a watchful consumer. This is strange, but the final outcome has been that we must believe in stupidity at some customer service level.

Let me digress just a little:  Recently I made a phone call to my local church.  My friend who answered the phone asked why it came up Thomas, Gary?  Good question!  Gary has been deceased for eight (yes, count them 8) years.  My phone account was immediately updated to reflect that it was only in my name.  Upon hearing this from my friend, I made a trip over to my local providers store.  After a 45 minute wait, I explained to the representative the problem and he asked if I would wait while he investigated the situation.  When he returned, he showed my on his electronic tablet that the information in my account was correct and that this should not be happening.  His supervisor became part of the discussion and told me there was nothing THEY could do since their information was correct.

When I was getting into my car, a gentleman that I had seen in the store approached me.  He told me he had overheard the conversation and since he worked for my provider, he gave me the information on what I needed to do, say and report to in the “tech” department.  When I asked why the people inside the store were not aware of this information, he said they would be that afternoon.  I returned home, did what I was told to do and received assurance both verbally and by text message that the problem would in fact be resolved.

As the days went by, I found that there had not been any resolution and I decided to contact my provider again.  Couldn’t get to the original tech, but this one said he could help.  Well . . . he assured me that a request was sent to other providers to please update their databases for called ID, but not to be too hopeful that it would happen.  Many are notorious for NOT updating that information.  Great!!!

Next step I decided to try was to contact the provider for the church, Comcast.  After getting stonewalled three times (the number on the account – don’t have one, the number with the problem, gave it, what’s the password – don’t know not mine, got to tech support, they can’t do anything without an account, not even the supervisor.  Next, transferred to the business office.  Once again I explain the situation and once on hold again, am told that they database I am referring to in only updated quarterly.  Since my provider put in a request on Jan. 7, it should be resolved by the beginning of April.  Question:  There is no way you or a supervisor can have  this change to NOW?  No sorry, that’s not how it works.  NOW!  I have worked with computers quite a while and find it hard to believe that someone at Comcast cannot get into the proper program and make the correction. Do they really believe that the public is so “naive” to just swallow whatever they say?  If Target could get into their data as quickly as they did when their customer’s information was hacked, why can’t a “computer” provider access a database and make a correction.

Such a sorry state of customer service when the “provider” can just shrug their shoulders, believe that the consumer is just going to go along with what “they” say, and by saying “I’m sorry. I understand.” will be enough to make it go away.  This will not be going away.  I will definitely follow-up.  I’ve written down names, dates and information provided.

It’s interesting.  My provider has taken care of the situation at their end:  made sure the data is correct and requested that others update their files with the correct information.  I even doubled checked with someone with a land line phone provided by carrier and the caller id comes up with my name.  The others evidently just don’t care.  That definitely leads me to cross these other providers from my list of companies to possibly do business with in the future.  I know what my answer will be in 90 days if this is not corrected.  We have a great consumer advocate with a local television station that I will be more than glad to share information with.  Don’t think I won’t!!

Thanks for listening and make it a great day!

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6 Responses to Must We Believe Whatever “They” Say?

  1. daalisia says:

    You go Mom! I hope you have better luck with “their” system than I did. It took the full three months for my name on my cell phone account to be updated in the national database. I wasn’t as persistent about it as you are. I rested on my rights when I probably should have been much more assertive. It’s amazing how much we are willing to tolerate and accept when we face even just a little opposition. I have so little faith in the technical ability of most customer service and technical support workers in the telecommunications and cable industries, that I know it will take me hours on the phone and computer to solve even the smallest issues, if it is going to require even the tiniest bit of brain power and common sense. I especially enjoy when they tell me there is nobody above them, that they are it – NOT! Whenever they have tried to pull that one with me, is when I make it my mission to prove them wrong and make sure that they know they have been called out by somebody much smarter and able than them. Good luck! ~ Lots of love and hugs

    • gramster1 says:

      Have actually gotten through to another family member’s carrier and TWC has actually done some paperwork to get the correction made. Of course, it will probably be 2-3 business days, but it’s better than what I’ve been told by others.

      Glad you were able to visit the site. Hope you got a laugh out a some other ones you might have read.

  2. Lisa says:

    When did you have a Georgia phone account or your cell account in Dad’s name?

    • gramster1 says:

      Never in Georgia. Cell phone not in 8 years.
      Have to love technology, NOT!

      • Lisa says:

        If the cellphone has always been yours and in your name, how would they have connected Dad’s name to it? Somewhere along the line, his name had to have been associated with the account in order for them to even have his name in their database.

      • gramster1 says:

        Yup! Once upon a time his name was attached to the number. No one but current carrier has corrected their database to reflect that change of 8 years ago. Check separate e-mail for more.

        Love you

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