I am sad about what is happening in the Ukraine. People deserve better. I also am sad about a Facebook posting someone I know posted. The implication of the post is that somehow this is Obama’s fault. Please people, think before you post. There is no way i can wrap my brain around this being the fault of the President of the United States. Why is it that whenever some people don’t like what is going on worldwide lately, it is Obama’s fault. We, I repeat, “WE” cannot be the conscience of the world nor can we make them act the way “WE” think they should.  It may be an international problem, not singularly a problem for the United States to solve.

In addition, we as a people and country need to pay attention to our gifted authors. If anyone has read the last book written by noted author, Tom Clancy, this entire situation in Kiev, Ukraine and the Crimea is so familiar. Part of what is happening is a part of his book.

Also remember, money is the root of so much of this (also in the Clancy book). It was on the news this morning, natural gas prices will probably sky-rocket since that part of the world has a large presence in the natural gas production and transmission industry. Go figure. Read people, read.

Now, the Russian legislature is writing a bill to allow reverse annexation.  If a country or part of a country wants to be annexed BACK into the Russian Federation, they could form a government and have a vote and allow it to take place.  Nothing like doing it after you have indicated you want it done and have sent threats, ultimatums and troops to get what you want.


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